Online marketing

SEO | PPC campaigns | Internet advertising

Do you want a website just "for show" or should it help you fulfil your visions?
You do not need to know all the methods for achieving this.
This is the purpose of another service that we enjoy - internet marketing.

Along with our partners, we will conduct a survey, evaluate behaviour of visitors, propose the strategy and check the results.
We will take care of the checkered life of the website so that it is visible, bringing you new and faithful customers.
We will provide it with high-quality and readable content so that it presents your offer correctly and seekers like it.
We will prepare a long-term online marketing plan that will surpass your competitors.
We will evaluate the statistical data and propose the required measures and procedures.
We will utilize the power of interaction and social networks for communication with your customers.
We will coordinate your offline promotion campaign with the internet marketing opportunities.



An appropriately designed website or e-shop is fundamental for marketing success.
Our solutions are adapted to the target group; they direct the visitors to the desired action; they are appropriately optimized for the explorers; they provide important statistical data and indicators of business performance.
We make the websites both attractive and commercially successful.

  • Analysis and consultation
  • Brand, claims, visual communication
  • Copywriting
  • Statistics, conversions
Brand and sale support

Brand and sale support

The internet environment enables building and strengthening of your trademark and is an important place for supporting and developing your business objectives.
We keep monitoring the success of our websites. We check conversion, generation of leads, enquiries and orders. We establish campaigns and evaluate their results. We design long-term marketing strategies and help you pursue your services and your trade name.

  • PPC
  • SEO
  • Banner campaigns
  • Remarketing
  • Microsite
  • Spots and videos
  • Social media
Customer relationships

Customer relationships

Thanks to the internet and social networks, you can communicate with your customers in a highly efficient manner, provide them with important information, offer new services or products and get their feedback.
We will reveal all tools of the communication mix to you, using them to strengthen loyalty to your trademark.

  • E-mailing and Newsletters
  • Blogs
  • Contests
  • Loyalty programmes
  • Social marketing
  • Online surveys

How we work? In a simple and clever manner!

research, idea, creation, testing, handover

It does not end for us with the project completion,
we keep checking our work, monitoring and comparing it with any competitors.
We try to provide our clients with a current solution for how to improve the product in question the best
so that it does not become ordinary, and functions as we,
but mainly you wish.