Mobile applications

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Mobile applications
Smart-phones have become an integral part of our lives and so have their applications. We develop applications with telephones with an Android or iOS operating system (iPhone). We will make a simple application for you or will prepare a robust solution, for instance, for simpler communication and information administration among your employees on business trips.

Areas of focus



We make functional, intuitive and aesthetically interesting designs which impress, present, sell, attract, entertain, make profit, educate and inform. We will get your user where you need him to be. Thanks to our distinctive script, you will always be one step ahead of your competitors.

UX (user experience)

UX (user experience)

We function perfectly as "builders", but also as "architects". We will design a fully usable customized concept based on a thorough analysis, prepare intuitive UX presentations (wireframes) to test, which will then be used for building the entire solution - your website.

Examples of solutions in practical applications

multiplast.czmegagroup.nycBuderus club

How we work? In a simple and clever manner!

research, idea, creation, testing, handover

It does not end for us with the project completion,
we keep checking our work, monitoring and comparing it with any competitors.
We try to provide our clients with a current solution for how to improve the product in question the best
so that it does not become ordinary, and functions as we,
but mainly you wish.